Stoczek Łukowski (single)

Stoczek Lukowski (single)

“Song inspired by the story of my great-grand mother, Irene, born in Belgium from parents who had immigrated from Poland. In 1930, she paid a visit to her grandmother who had stayed in Poland. At the beginning of the second world war, Irene’s grand-mother will be murdered by her neighbour.”

In July 2020, Oliver took a trip to the village his great-grand mother’s grandmother was living in.

The song was released in two versions (one French and one English) on the 14th of August 2020. 

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Lyrics (FRENCH)

Dans une maison de bois, elle vivait

Loin de toi, loin de ce qu’elle aimait

Dans un village seul au monde

À mille lieues de tout, 

Elle restait seule
Et manquait sûrement d’amour

Et moi je l’imagine, son visage,
Son histoire, et tous les détails 

La façon dont elle vivait,

La solitude qu’elle éprouvait

Et elle rêvait, elle aussi

de rejoindre sa famille

Elle plantait des fleurs d’amour
À Stoczek Łukowski

Un jour sa petite fille de 12 ans

Vint en train pour lui rendre visite

Mais c’est sans paroles qu’elles dialoguèrent 

Car la grand-mère ne comprenait pas le français.

Mais la mamie apprit vite à sa petite 

Qui se mit à parler

Mais la jeune fille finit repartir
Laissant son aïeule le cœur brisé

Et moi j’irai un jour aussi

Sur les traces de son passé

Je cueillerai ces fleurs d’amour
À Stoczek Łukowski

Le monde est rempli de gens fous
L’un d’entre eux frappa à sa porte
Son voisin qu’elle connaissait si bien
Elle ouvrit, et il tira…

Un jour j’irai là, moi aussi.

Sur les traces de mon passé, 

je cueillerai ces fleurs d’amour à Stoczek Lukowski

Lyrics (ENGLISH)

In a wooden house, she used to live
Far from you, and from all those she loved
In a small village the countryside
She felt alone, and surely lacked of love

And I can imagine her wrinkled face
See the stories in her frames
A life fulfilled with memories
And the loneliness that they leave

And there she kept having a dream
One day she would meet them again
While she planted her love flowers
In Stoczek Łukowski

One day her grand daughter she had never seen 
Came by train, to meet her for the first time
But they couldn’t understand each other
The little girl had grown away

So the grandma quickly taught her little one
And she slowly started to speak
But soon enough the girl would have to leave
Letting the old lady’s heart to grieve

And there she kept having a dream
One day she would meet them again 
While she plan-ted her love flowers
In Stoczek Łukowski

The world is full of crazy men
Her neighbour was standing by her door
She went to see and asked him what he wants
In his hands he held a gun

One day I will pursue her dream
On the footsteps of my roots
I will search to find her love flowers
In Stoczek Lukowski