Other songs to be published

1- 🇫🇷Si toi aussi (If you are too)

“I think I got you under my skin, I didn’t do it on purpose.
The fate hit me, randomly. But do fate really exist?
I would like to know, 
If you are too
If you too, fall asleep with butterflies in your stomach and keep them locked up
If you, too, are scared as much as me, but you won’t dare to take the first step
If you too are afraid to be at ease with who you are,  and get to be judged for who you love
If you too just want to get loved and then live your life without scandalmongers getting involved”

2- 🇫🇷Un jour sans fin (A never ending day)

“Stuck inside a book, where the chapter does not end.
And where the plot is latent, but the suspense holds our wait.
Like a never ending day, the twilight stagnates motionless,
and the night is waited for, as the wise night brings advice.”

3- 🇫🇷Faire des choix (Make choices)

“Making choices for hours  that make us lose our way.
But all these choices don’t matter to me, I don’t want them.
Taking an option at the expense of another, do not interest me, that’s how I am”

4- 🇫🇷Là, Là (There, There)

“There, there, put your hand on my heart.
there, make me believe you still want me.
I try to replace the elements to see more clearly in this situation which disgusts me.
But do react you’re driving me crazy! I can see that you don’t care.
I will eventually find somebody who will respect me, let’s hope more than you do”

5- 🇫🇷Monde de fous (world of crazy people)

“We live in a world of crazy people,
So I guess that I am crazy too
Since I contribute to this life.
There’s only with her, that my head spins around”

6- 🇫🇷Infiniment (Infinitely)

“Hands up, condemned by time passing by.
Hands up, but memories last infinitely.”

7- 🇫🇷Bar-Tabac (Tobacco Bar)

“I need to escape to another world
And on other stages I want to perform
Get away from that round that tires me here
Even if that bar affords me to live
See other faces and change my playlists
Play other things than these pianist stuff
I would like these people to listen to my Cd’s 
I’m not a piece of furniture of this tobacco bar”

8- 🇫🇷Soi-disant intelligents (Supposedly intelligent) [right after being removed from The Voice]

"Slanderers, supposedly intelligent
Manipulating for money
My voice can sound like many others
But I'm not those other ones
I will not be silenced
Even if my contracts won't give me the right"

9- 🇬🇧 On the right way [Chorus needs a complete change of the music production]

“Was I right to try to change my life?
Have I tried enough to make it right
Are the ordeals on the road as bogeymen and traps stand there to scare me 
Does it mean im on the right way?”

10- 🇫🇷Bruxelles (Brussels) [following the terrorist attacks in 2016]

Brussels, where are you? I am missing you.
Brussels, what are you becoming? I do not understand.
I’m scared even though I know I shouldn’t be.
The sirens* sing and I dance to the sound of their voices.

[* in French the word “sirène” means mermaid as well]

11- 🇫🇷Crayons de couleur (Coloured pencils) #JeSuisCharlie

“Coloured pencils henceforth will no longer be
The blue, the white, the red are now dressed in black
Screaming in anger, yes my tears have flowed
The drawings are now wet and the papers knocked over”

12- 🇫🇷Je m'adresse au ciel (I turn to Heaven)

“I turn to Heaven
May it give me the wings that I have longed for”

13- 🇫🇷Rêver - To dream [I got revolted by the rise of antisemitism and wrote this one night. I'm not a rapper but the tone of rap was appropriate to tell my anger]

Sometimes I choose to voluntarily to forget where I’m from, and I’m proud of it even though I’m afraid of it so often.
I read these things which put me off and that are beyond my comprehension, from all these young people who are my age but whose boats cannot find wind.
No referrals, no parents or competent entourage, lost at sea surfing on the waves of bad currents.

They craft their hatred by sharing their discomfort through battles they do not understand.
Their words are their only weapons to defend dreams they think they can’t achieve.

Do not dare to tarnish their memory by lying. By saying that it never happened or to minimise.
It’s still banned here, but for how long still? All these people determined to erase the traces of the camps.
Am I the only one to rebel? I don’t think so, I dare to hope that some eyes open and other hearts care.
The struggle is long but not to defend oneself is to insult those who gave their lives to exist.
I am talkative, I have lots of things to say but in closing I would like to share my sensitivity, my faith, my love, towards those who dream and keep alive the hope of peace down here.

I dare to dream of an other reality”